< Fix Ginny Here is a picture of the inside of a Ginny.
The wire down the center of the body clips on a bar in the head above the eyes and the T at the bottom goes into the wires attached to the tops of the legs. As the legs move, the bar turns and this turns her head as she walks. If the posts from the legs aren't where they need to be in the loops of the T, she has a problem walking. Hopefully when your're comparing the picture to the inside of your doll, you'll be able to set it right.

This doll's problem was her eyes. They were rattling around inside her head. In the sequence of photos, I show how to open the head with a raxor blade and a paring knife. The black plastic bar that should be holding the eyes in place is broken. To fix this, I glued the two halvs of the bar in place and then put a line of Elmer's Glue across the bar to reinforce the break in the center No glue goes on the eye piece that has to move to let the doll's eyes open and close.