Replacing a Wig on a Hard Plastic Doll

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This is a wig I helped Dollsparts come up with for Toni and other hard plastic dolls. When it comes in its zip lock bag, it looks something like this. Pretty sad, isn't it? But if you look at an original wig on one of these dolls, you'll see they have no real cap - just a gauze beanie that is glued to the crown and the hair line is made when the hair is glued to the scalp.
This is a view of the back before the wig is glued on. The set is tight but the wig is really quite long.
Here's the first step. Coat the head with glue - Elmer's or Fabric Glue is great for this. Use it to paint where you want the hairline to be.
This shows the front. Don't put the glue too far down on her forehead. You don't want the wig placed so far down that it covers her brows and you don't want to glue down the bangs.
Place the wig on the head over the glue.
This shows how the hair is going to become the hair line in the back.
Pull the hair smoothly into the glue and hold it down.
A nice wide rubber band will keep the hair in the back and on the sides in place white the glue dries.
View from the front.
When the glue is dry but before taking off the band, style the bottom of the hair and the bangs.
Here I uses a tail comb to fluff out the curls on the sides and the back but I could have brushed it under into a smooth pageboy or made the flip again.
When I get the style I want, I carefully cut the rubber band and let it pop off. Don't try to save the rubber band - you'll just mess up your hair style. This shows the front and top. Notice the double stitched, fold over part? It's just like the original wigs.
This shows the top of the finished style. Notice the wig looks like it's part of the doll and not new hair hat? That was the goal!
And the back.
If the style needs to be shaped, put a hair net on it and then spray. You could also just leave the net on it and hide the edge under a ribbon or under the bangs if you styled them to goe back over the front.
If you found this information useful, a donation would be greatly appreciated!
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